Yoga of the Old Masters

Manual of Yoga Sessions

Easy To Learn - Easy To Practice – Let’s Start

Yoga practice is simple and effective with our method of teaching. Place the illustrated, Manual of Yoga Sessions, next to your mat. Turn to session one (page 18). Do not read the Manual at this time. Observe the two pictures of the posture “Rocking Chair” on page 19. Start session one. Yogi Shalom will tell you when to breathe, how long to rock and then lie back and relax. This rest period allows the muscles the ability to recover and strengthen, and relax fully. Continue through session one and through the other five sessions in this manner. Yogi Shalom will help you with how to breathe during each posture throughout the course, and guide you to relax between postures.

For an efficient yoga session, this is much easier to use than a video.

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