Yoga of the Old Masters

Our History and Approach

The Yoga Center of Fresno started out in the basement of St. John’s Cathedral in Fresno in 1965. The classes were popular and after three years they became too large for the basement. The Center then moved to a location on East Olive Avenue where they stayed for 18 years, from 1968 to 1986. We then moved to the Retired Teachers Memorial Building on Saginaw Way, where we remained for 36 years.

The current postures that we practice comprise about 80 postures in six sessions that give a complete exercise of the body and rid stress from muscles. They are placed in a specific sequence to prepare one posture for the next and to utilize all the muscles and joints to their full extent. The time to hold each posture and the time to rest between postures are very important to rid the body of stress. Breathing exercises (Pranayama) are placed throughout. The postures and breathing exercises are a preparation for meditation. The meditations are the most important part of our practice. The combined effect of this advanced teaching, through meditations and postures, is what we are offering as our current curriculum.

The first audio recordings of Session One was made in 1969 and the rest soon followed. There are many advantages to using audio recordings. By using audio recordings to teach, we discovered that the postures and breathing were more perfectly timed. The teacher could demonstrate the posture and then go help students while the recording continues. This also preserves the relaxed atmosphere of the class. They are also beneficial for home practice.

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