Yoga of the Old Masters

Complete Set Audio Collection

A Complete Course of Yoga Sessions

To exercise every muscle, gland and organ, I have chosen these eighty yoga postures. These postures are divided into six sessions complete with meditations. Also included are Eye Exercises and Sounds, Good Morning Exercises and the Good Night Relaxation. There are 14 Compact Discs in all, or you can download the sessions as MP3 files for use on your computer, cell phone, or other mp3 music player. The Manual of Yoga Sessions can be purchased as a hard copy book or downloaded in digital PDF format.

Introduction to Yoga

For those interested in the Yoga of the Old Masters style of Eastern Yoga, please download our complimentary Introduction to Yoga session. You will receive both the Hand Demonstration and Yoga Breathing sessions in MP3 format. The Introduction to Yoga is provided as a gift to all yoga students free of charge.

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