Yoga of the Old Masters

We Teach Eastern Style Yoga to Relieve Stress

The masters of old used yoga postures as a preparation for meditation.

The essence of ancient yoga is used in our meditations. Each session starts with yoga postures taught in a special way to prepare the body and the mind for deep relaxation, commonly called meditation, which follows. During meditation the conscious mind can just let go with no effort of thought. It is at this time that you relieve the mind of stress. You cannot force this to happen; all you can do is make the best preparation possible. With this goal in mind, try to keep the room quiet with no movement, just before and during meditation. The sessions last about 90 minutes.

Here are some tips on how to get the most from your yoga sessions. The main purpose of Eastern Yoga, as we teach it, is to rid the body and mind of stress. The second purpose is to tone and shape the body and improve your health. Third is to develop an understanding of Eastern Yoga. Fourth is to experience Eastern Yoga.

Many people go through an entire lifetime and never once experience complete mind and body relaxation.

It is our hope that you choose to join us. A consistent practice of Eastern Yoga is a wonderful gift you can give yourself. Over a period of time it will help you to relieve physical and mental stress and allow you to live a more enjoyable life.

Yogi Shalom

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